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Sunny Cord

Sunglass Chain - Classics

Sunglass Chain - Classics

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A gold classy chain combined with natural beads!finest collection of pearls. white beads have a slightly shiny coating, which makes it look like marble. Why we love this piece

They add a touch of playfulness to your look and are sure to bring a smile to your face. Whether you prefer a simple, minimalist chain or one with bold links in a variety of materials, a glasses chain is a great way to express your individuality and add a splash of colour to your look.

Product Description 

Discover the sunglass chain, a stylish and multifunctional piece of jewelry for your (sun)glasses.   Always on the go? With these pretty  cord, you won't lose your glasses during a busy day or Whether you wear it with your daily work-look or a breezy summer dress, it's always a real eye-catcher.

Classy c White: Summer White threaded through a gold chain

Classy C Black:  blend thread threaded through a gold chain

Dolly: Fabric material. The fabric is tie dye processed.

Pearl White on Silver: finest collection of pearls.

Tiny C: a unique braided design.  Subtle material combined

Stella: colorful glasses chain that has been defined by a small string of golden chain on both ends


Georgi: gold sunglasses chain

Emma: glass chain in beads in warm, earthy colour tones

Bead it Beige: effortlessly feminine handmade crystal beads

Light weighted.  Rubbers fit any size frames.

    Where does it fit in my wardrobe

    Pair with the Forest Tile Earrings and the matching Juno silk shirt.

    How to wash properly 

    The chain is made of stainless steel with gold/silver plating, plus a protective coating so that it doesn't lose its colour.  

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