Collection: Sorority

Welcome Liberty Lovers!

Sorority Clothing is an Australian fashion label that was born from a love of timeless and classic design, traveling the world, and true friendships.

Founded by Cara, the pieces in our collections are made with Liberty Fabrics straight from their factory in Lake Como, Italy. Every item has been designed for comfort fit and figure flattery so you can make it part of your long-term wardrobe.

Sorority Clothing is all about building relationships with our customers— as well as providing them with well-made garments they’ll treasure for years to come — so you can find us on our website or at our physical store in Queensland.

Our mission is to create beautiful basics that will last beyond trends while also preserving meaningful connections between people through fashion. We believe everyone should be able to express themselves without compromising quality or style; creating lasting memories along the way. With this vision embodied into every garment we produce, Sorority Clothing strives to help build meaningful relationships and empower those around us one perfect outfit at a time!