Collection: Porcelain

I am passionate about slow clothing.
Quality, natural fabrics that last a lifetime.
The craftsmanship of a well cut pattern.
The beauty of a garment that looks just as good on the inside as the outside.
Unexpected details.

All these elements take time to execute. They cultivate small luxuries that indulge the wearer. I work with a small but exceptional team of craftspeople who excel at what they do in an industry that is at risk of losing the skills of yesteryear; the art of tailoring, draping, cutting and sewing.

I design clothes that are individual and timeless.
I believe in making clothes that can be collected and worn for years to come. Clothing made with great care;  employing ethical and environmentally sound practices.

My greatest inspiration comes from the past.
I love to explore Australian and international Vintage Stores, Fairs and Markets sourcing inspiration. I find things are rarely, crafted as well as garments used to be. I collect for design and technique. I love the sense of history, “the story” attached to second hand goods.

I am a collector.
My country upbringing has instilled in me a respect for resourcefulness.  I believe everything is of use and has potential for reuse. I often rummage through the studio bins pulling out bits of fabric that can one day be crafted into something new.

I reinvent the past for the future.
Over the years I have accumulated a collection of vintage textiles that I return to at the start of each season. I love the idea of reinterpreting these designs – showcasing them to create a fresh and current look. Japanese textiles are particular favourites.  Many are traditional – often a century or two old – yet they have a timeless grace.

I love colour.
Australian design is all about ease of wear, care and colour.
I aspire to make pieces that can be lived in.
Pieces that are uniquely Australian.

- Brigid McLaughlin 2013