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Maison Matine

Poom Poom Eau De Parfum

Poom Poom Eau De Parfum

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Why we love this piece

A beautiful fresh fragrance created and designed in Paris.  Using organic farming ingredients that are harvested in the respect of nature and producers.  We are in love with this collection and they make fro a divine gift for yourself or someone special 

Product Description

Maison Matine - Poom Poom, Eau De Parfum

Fragrance Family: Floral, Woody, Musky

Fragrance Notes: pink, mandarin blossom, orange, kiwi, orchid, peony, freesia, rose, musk, sandalwood, ebony, vanilla.

Poom Poom is a carefree ode to life itself. The Eau de Parfum wants us to embrace living life to the fullest, to the beat of your own drum! The floral, woody, musky creation is from perfumer Rémi Barbier, and features expressive graphics from Mathilde Purseigle. Crafted in France. 


Maison Matine is a French fragrance house that is here to disrupt the fragrance industry. Rejecting the notion that fragrance market needed to be elitist, opulent, and male-dominated, their fresh approach brings bold colour, graphic designs and a sense of free-spirited cheekiness into the world of scent.

Our packaging are made of recycled and recyclable cartons, simple and efficient. 
We have removed all cellophane traces to avoid over-packaging and waste.

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