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Mavi Marla Shorts

Mavi Marla Shorts

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Why we love this piece

Great short to take you into spring.  Buy your normal size.  Bx 

Product Description

The Marla mid-high rise shorts sit firmly around the waist before relaxing through the thigh for an effortless boyfriend fit. Can be worn either rolled or unrolled. Utilising both organic and traditional cotton, this rigid denim is both flattering and comfortable

Fabrication: 80% Cotton / 20% Organic Cotton

Where Does it fit in my Wardrobe

Team with the Georgia top and Liberty scrunchie.

How to wash Properly

Your Mavis are made to fit – not only your body, but your lifestyle as well. Over time, your Mavis will stretch and grow with you as you live in them. To aid this process, it’s important that you wash your Mavis as little as possible. We recommend a minimum of two weeks of continuous wear before washing. When you do, always read the care label on your Mavi’s carefully. Also keep in mind the following guidelines:

  • Wash your Mavis with like coloured items, as the dark wash may bleed into lighter items.
  • Turn your Mavis inside out to preserve their colour and finish.
  • Use a gentle cycle with cold water on your washing machine.
  • Add a gentle detergent such as soap flakes. Bleach and fabric softeners should never be used.
  • When the machine is full, add your Mavis to the soap/water mixture and run a full cycle.
  • To dry, roll your Mavis in a plush towel to remove excess water. Lay flat or hang to air dry.
  • We do not recommend using a dryer, as the tumbling action causes shrinkage, while the heat will break down fibres, especially any added for stretch. If a dryer is necessary, use a low heat cycle for as little time as possible.
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