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Hanging Decorations WAS $22

Hanging Decorations WAS $22

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Why we love this piece

We love an Aussie Christmas!

Product Description 

Hanging  Christmas Tree decorations made from a combination of polyester, glass beads and plastic sequins.

A timeless Christmas decoration to display in your home.


Kookaburra L 5cm W 13cm H 1.5cm

King Prawn L 12cm W 0.5cm H 7cm

Galah L 7cm W 16cm H 1.5cm

Cherrylicious L 7cm W 1cm H 10cm

Kimi Koala L 9cm W 1.5cm H 12cm

Waratah L 10cm W 1.5cm H 10cm

Banksia Beauty L 9cm W 1.5cm H 11cm

Gumnut Flower L 2cm W 9cm H 10cm

Coronation Crown L 2cm W 10cm H 10cm

Emu L 2cm W 8cm H 13cm

Kangaroo L 2cm W 6cm H 16cm

Yellow Crested Cockatoo 


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