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Fairytale Castle Interactive Playscreen

Fairytale Castle Interactive Playscreen

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Why we love this piece

A beautiful enriching play piece.  Build it together as a family and enjoy the hours of play. 

Product Description

Come and explore a magical world with our Fairytale Castle...

In a magical land, nestled deep within the enchanted forest, stood The Fairytale Castle. This whimsical cardboard cubby had a mind of its own and could wander through the mystical woods, offering endless adventures to all who enters. One day, a brave princess named Lily and her loyal knight, Sir Oliver, discovered the Fairytale Castle. Together, they embarked on thrilling quests, battling fierce dragons, unraveling ancient mysteries, and rescuing lost treasures. The Fairytale Castle became their trusty companion, transporting them to far-off lands where imagination knew no bounds. Within its walls, dreams came to life, and these young adventurers embraces the magic that awaits them at every turn.

Product Features

  • A 5 in 1 play prop for build and play, imaginative play, sensory play, educational posters and a beautiful decor piece.

  • 2 configurations to choose from to suit your play space. Choose a hexagonal fortress shape or a zig-zag shape playscreen.

  • 6 large playscreen comes pre-cut and 18 oval-shaped connectors, no extra tool, tape or glue is required to assemble.

  • Easy to build by young children with adult assistance.

  • Simply follow our step-by-step illustrated instruction manual in the kit. It will take approx. 5 min to assemble. 

  • Easy to demount for storage. Just carefully slide the connectors out from their slots, and flat pack all the elements back inside its carton box.

  • Made of printed cardboard, our cardboard play props are lightweight, eco-friendly, affordable.


Assembled Product Dimension:  L110cm x W110cm x H68cm

Flat-pack Product Dimension: L65cm x W55cm x H7cm

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