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Claris Bonjour Riviera By Megan Hess

Claris Bonjour Riviera By Megan Hess

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Pack your bags darling Claris, try not to delay.
We’re off to the French Riviera – today!’

With over a quarter of a million Claris books in print, my adorable Claris, the chicest mouse in Paris, and her friends set off on a new seaside adventure on the French Riviera!

I really wanted Claris to have a seaside adventure and I thought it would be so much fun if she snuck into Monsieur’s bag and went with the family on a vacation to the French Riviera! This story is full of adventure, mega boats, turquoise waters and very chic fashion! As always, Claris’ big heart is the highlight of the story. This story centres around making new friends and how important it is to help others in need–even if you’re not friends yet.

Follow Claris and her friends to the sunny French Riviera for this delightfully rhyming adventure!



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