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Hardie Grant

Palace Party by Megan Hess

Palace Party by Megan Hess

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Product Description 

It was a marvellous day for our sweet little Claris,
as she sat on a train that was leaving from Paris. 
She was off to Versailles, a grand palace in France,
to attend a great ball where she’d eat cheese and dance.
But what happens when Claris gets lost in the Hall of Mirrors?
She’ll need to help a new friend overcome their fears before they can find their way back to the ball! 

The fifth Claris adventure from beloved children’s author Megan Hess.

The best-selling Claris series follows an adorable mouse who moves to Paris to follow her fashion dreams, for fans of Eloise and Olivia. 


23.81 x 0.95 x 28.58 cm

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