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Rachel Castle

Castle Art Tea Towels

Castle Art Tea Towels

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Why we love this piece

Quirky and Fun tea towel designed to be framed and hung as artwork.  

Product Description

CASTLE 100% linen, printed in Australia, teatowel with hand embroidered 

Designed to be framed as artwork.

You're So Golden: 700 w x 500 h

Hey Kid: 700 w x 500 h

Forever Special Edition: made in collaboration with STILLBIRTH FOUNDATION AUSTRALIA.  This artwork acknowledges the eternity and permanence of love for our stillborn babies and aims to raise awareness and funds for vital stillbirth research

Go Get 'Em: 500 h x  700 w 

Don't Be A Dick:  500 h x  700 w 

Young Hearts:  500 h x  700 w 

In My Own Lane:  500 h x  700 w 

How to wash Properly

Tips to stay beautiful
Gentle machine or hand wash. 
Dry flat
Kip with us.


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