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big daisy

Big Daisy Clover Pots Mortadella

Big Daisy Clover Pots Mortadella

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PLEASE NOTE:  This piece is a pick-up only item due to the weight and bulky nature of the product.

Why we love this piece

Inspired by a flower and designed by a florist.  I feel the love with this handmade beauties from the beautiful Daisy.  These are perfect for inside or outside the home.  I love to gift pots with a plant when I'm stuck for ideas, a beautiful gift that lasts and is treasured for years. 

Product Description

The first product from 'Big Daisy', thrilled to be able to share the 'Clover Pot' with you. 


Made from a mix of Cement, Fibre, Seashell and stone our 'Clover Pots' are a beautiful, sturdy planter suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

Designed by a florist, these pots originated from the shape of a petal. Throughout the design process the curves were reduced and rounded to a simpler shape which more clearly began to replicate a clover leaf. Thus the name, 'Clover'. Their cement base makes them perfect for outdoors, however, with the option of a matching drip tray they also make a beautiful addition inside the home. 

Made in Vietnam, each pot is poured into an individual mould and left to set. Once set the moulds are removed and the planters are sanded back by hand to give them a beautiful smooth finish. 

Due to their handmade nature, colour/thickness and stone ratio can differ from pot to pot.


Small  - 20x 20cm: 0.75kg
Medium  - 30 x 30cm 1.5kg
Large  - 40 x 40cm: 3.2kg
Extra Large  - 50 x 50cm: 4.5kg

How to care for properly 

Clean with a damp cloth with soapy water. 

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