Frustrated with never being able to see what is in your wardrobe? We can help you cull, organise and add beautiful basics to get you back on track. With a fresh set of eyes and brains full of ideas, we will pop in to your house and help to make you see things differently. It isn’t about throwing everything away and starting from scratch either, it is about utilising the assets you already own but complimenting those assets. We believe in purchase once, purchase well. Not fast fashion. So eliminating the nasties and adding a few quality pieces can be a simple, cost effective and cleansing experience. It is often difficult to see what needs to go. But it helps when it is sorted, and organised in colour and style. We can help! 
2 Hour Session $175 
Includes: Home visit, chit chat and simple and practical methods to streamline your wardrobe.   
NB Price is refundable with purchases made over $1,500 

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