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Tanora Bombo Bag

Tanora Bombo Bag

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Why we love this piece 

Beautiful crochet raffia bag.  The beauty of raffia is it lasts forever unlike a paper weave.  This practical bucket bag will be the best accessory this summer! 

Product Description 

BOMBO is a modern adaptation of the traditional bonbonnière. This crochet and lace wrist-bag is a romantic journey. Seamlessly joined to the crochet body with no visible ties, BOMBO displays the true art form of raffia bobbin lace, a technique that is  becoming more rare in the face of globalisation.Where Does it fit in my Wardrobe

- Genuine leather wrist handle
- Dimensions : H30cm x D21cm 

Craft technique: Bobbin lace | crochet | 5 days

TANORA collections are all designed in Sydney then handcrafted from scratch in our family workshop in Madagascar. 

How To Care

Make sure it is in a ventilated space away from direct light and moisture. Air once every two weeks to halt any growth of mould. Fill with stuffing to ensure it maintains its shape.

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