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Surf Life By Gill Hutchison

Surf Life By Gill Hutchison

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The women of Surf Life are strong, independent and resilient - incredible surfers who live, work and create on the coast. They are connected to their community and well-respected in their fields. Here you'll learn about their lives by the sea, their experiences learning to surf, how surfing influences their creative processes, advice to new surfers and what they fear about surfing (no, it's not just sharks). With stunning photography and in-depth interviews, Surf Life gorgeously showcases these women, their creativity and their coastal lifestyle.

About the Author

Gill Hutchison worked in the publishing industry for over ten years and when surfing took hold, she left the publishing world in the city to pursue a dream of life by the sea. Gill loves a chat in the surf carpark almost as much as surfing itself. In 2012 she bought a 1960s shack and after a short stint working in the surf industry landed her dream job in a bookshop. She lives on the Surf Coast with her son, Rex, and their dog, Betty.

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