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Porcelain Plaid Tiered Maxi Skirt

Porcelain Plaid Tiered Maxi Skirt

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Why we love this piece

Perfect length, perfect volume, perfect skirt. Bx

Product Description

The Tiered Maxi Skirt is made from a handwoven Ikat Cotton, created especially for us in India. The skirt features a relaxed fit, featuring layers of tiered gathers. Due to the fact this is handwoven, the fabric may come with slubs and irregularities which are to be considered as characteristics not imperfections, adding to the natural beauty of the fabric.

This garment is designed and sampled for Brigid McLaughlin in her Haberfield Studio in Sydney and handmade in New Delhi, India.

Garment measurements. Size small flat waist measure (full): 74 cm. Size small front length measure (full): 104 cm.Where Does it fit in my Wardrobe

Wear with the Arlington Milne Lucy Black Knit top and Walnut Douglas boot.

How to wash Properly

Ikat Plaid Cotton
100% Cotton, Handwoven
Gentle Handwash

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