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Daisy Ceramic Flower Vase

Daisy Ceramic Flower Vase

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Why we love this piece

Timeless charm on this intricate ceramic daisy flower vase.  A beautiful statement piece fro your home or loved ones. 

Product Description 

Embrace the timeless charm of our Daisy Ceramic Flower Vase, boasting a wide base, a narrow floral rim, and the playful addition of cute daisy flowers adorning its surface. This delightful vessel effortlessly becomes a chic centerpiece, offering a touch of modern sophistication to your indoor space or any area yearning for a burst of contemporary elegance. Whether you're celebrating vibrant floral arrangements or simply seeking a fusion of form and function, this vase will make it the perfect choice for those who value a harmonious blend in their decor.


L 17cm W 17cm H 17cm


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