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big daisy

Big Daisy Clover Pot Peppermint

Big Daisy Clover Pot Peppermint

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PLEASE NOTE:  This piece is a pick-up only item due to the weight and bulky nature of the product.

Why we love this piece

Inspired by a flower and designed by a florist.  I feel I love with this handmade beauties from the beautiful Daisy.  These are perfect for inside or outside the home.  I love to gift pots with a plant when I'm stuck for ideas, a beautiful gift that lasts and is treasured for years. 

Product Description

The first product from 'Big Daisy', thrilled to be able to share the 'Clover Pot' with you. 

Made from a mix of Cement, Fibre, Seashell and stone they are a sturdy and heavyweight pot perfect for both indoors or outdoors.  

Designed by a florist, these pots originated from the shape of a petal. Throughout the design process the curves were reduced and rounded to a simpler shape which more clearly began to replicate a clover leaf. Thus the name, 'Clover'. Their heavy cement base makes them perfect for outdoors, however, with the option of a matching drip tray they also make a beautiful addition inside the home.  


Small  - 20x 20cm: 0.75kg
Medium  - 30 x 30cm 1.5kg
Large  - 40 x 40cm: 3.2kg
Extra Large  - 50 x 50cm: 4.5kg


How to care for properly 

Clean with a damp cloth with soapy water. 

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