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Bush Flowers by Cassandra Hamilton and Michael Pavlou

Bush Flowers by Cassandra Hamilton and Michael Pavlou

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Bush Flowers Cassandra Hamilton and Michael Pavlou Australian flowers are truly unique. Banksias and flannel flowers, wattle and waratahs all offer their own magic of colour, shape and texture. All across this country there is botanical beauty right in front of us.

Native flora and foliage offer a beautiful alternative in the sustainability-challenged cut-flower industry. Our diverse landscape and climate produce incredible flowers that inspire our gardens and fuel our creativity. Here are over 50 plant profiles with notes on growing, cutting, conditioning, arranging and drying, with florists' insights on what makes them so special.

Bush Flowers will give you everything you need to bring Australian native plants into your home, and to see the bush around you in all its beauty.



Length: 257.0 millimetre

Width: 216.0 millimetre

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